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‘A picturesque and amusing document’

From 1810 Huntingdon Quarter Sessions, HRO

Articles of Peace exhibited by Joseph Thorpe and Sarah his wife, of Holywell with Needingworth against Thomas Jones of Holywell for threatening language. “I would not mind killing you (meaning the Exhibitant) no more than I would the worst Vermin as crawls – I would wring your (meaning this Exhibitant) Neck as I would a Crow….. tomorrow is the Jubilee and we mean to have a large Bonfire and a Stake drove down in the middle and we shall tie you (meaning this Exhibitant) to that Stake and burn you (meaning this Exhibitant) to ashes and it will be ten times hotter than Hell.”

Description of ‘a picturesque and amusing document’ in Huntingdonshire Archives, reference HCP/1/5. Looks well worth a read!